04 Nov 2015: The multiple limitations of assessment criteria

The multiple limitations of assessment criteria
Presenter: Emeritus Professor Sue Bloxham (University of Cumbria, UK)

Image 2 for programme SB118 people from the UK to Australia registered for the event which was run in conjunction with the Assessment in Higher Education Conference. Professor Sue Bloxham, from the AHE Executive Group presented her work on the topic of ‘ The multiple limitations of assessment criteria. It involved a discussion of the use of assessment criteria by experienced markers and drew on a recent study which identified five factors in the use of criteria that contribute to marking inconsistency. Lively debate took place using the webinar chat room on the implications for fairness, standards and guidance to students.

The recorded webinar is available on-line here.  We hope that you will be able to join us for  future webinars.

Sessions are hosted by Professor Geoffrey Crisp, Dean Learning and Teaching, RMIT University and Dr Mathew Hillier, Office of the Vice-Provost Learning and Teaching, Monash University, Australia.